Save Our
This website is dedicated to
the raising of awareness of the
Plight of our Veterans trying to
get help through the VA
system! And to educate the
American Public to the
existence of the Vet Center
program with the intent of
procuring additional funding to
Save Our Veterans!!!
Signers of the petition - page 2

7)  Robert F. McConnell, 31 Harding Ave, Adams,Ma. 01220
USS Albany CG 10   1962-64
8)  Chris Ambra, Endwell, NY  13760
"To the Veterans- Thank you for what you have done and continue to do.  
Our Flag
flies today because of you.  The Red for Bravery and Courage, the White
for the Purity
and Honor, and the Blue for Truth and Loyalty...the veterans of this
Country exemplify
these High Ideals.  May we always thank them and honor them for what
they have done."
9) Linda Geisler, Islamorada, FL 33070
"I have seen and heard the needs personally from a family member
returning form
This is CRITICAL for emotional care and support!"
10) Donna Roberts, Tavernier Fl
" Thank you to our wonderful Vet's! You mean a lot to us!
We need you!"
11) Paster Bonnie Frost, Key Largo, FL
12) Robyn Dixon, Brooksville, FL
13) JoAnne Mansell, Islamorada, FL
14) Nancy John, Hawaii
15) Kathy Warner, Aurora IL
16) Donna Mansell, Long Beach, CA
17) Tina Moskowitz, Long Beach, CA
18) Mary Warner, Retired Bird Col., Airforce, Aurora IL
19) Bob and Marti Golka, National City. MI
20) Lauren Telesca, Binghamton, NY
21) Fronz Flores, Miami, FL
22) Sandra Flores, Miami, FL
23) Augusto Flores, Miami, FL
24) Catalina Flores, Miami, FL
25) Fany Flores, Miami, FL
26) Javier Pastor, Miami, FL
27) Frida Flores, Miami, FL
28) Daniel Galliano, Miami, FL
29) Flor Flores, Miami, FL
30) Hector Calla, Miami, FL
31) Felisa Flores, Miami, FL
32) Marco Torres, Miami, FL
33) Fernando Flores, Miami, FL
34) Luisa Suarez, Miami, FL
35) Mark Conroy, Homestead, FL
36) Colette Brown, Homestead, FL
"Let's not throw our loyal and faithful Patriot's to the wolves!" Let us as
being one of most powerful and greatest countries in the "WORLD" start
by taking care of our own. I have seen first hand the effects of war on
some of our veteran's and it is not a pretty picture and thru the efforts of
the counselors and staff of this very exceptional program they seem to
make a big difference. As I once heard a very wise lady once say "Charity
begins at home." And through our hope we extend our support and love.
37) Edward J. Bressler, Center Moriches, New York
38) Kathy Ambra, Endwell, NY
39) Marcia Kreitman, Islamorada, Fl
40) Marcia De Clue,  Islamorada, Fl
41) Charles DeClue, Islamorada, Fl         
42) George Geisler, Islamorada, FL
43) Cheryl DeLucia, Davie, FL
44) Gwenn Rios, Homestead, FL
I have seen the effects of this program first hand. I have seen a flicker
of hope for a man who gave up his life for his country, but was never
appreciated for his offering. I believe the program has helped him to make
some sense of an irrational existence and make some peace with the
demons of post war memories.
45) Joseph Tedeschi    Homestead FL
46) Charles D. Pickering, 27808 Avalon Dr., Georgetown, De 19947
47) Steve McCurdy, Islamorada, Florida 33036
I support the petition to save our vets.
48) Linda Lihou, Dellroy, OH
Please add my name to your petition.  The time is way past due to honor
our veterans by more than mere lip service.  Show them that we are
thankful to them, and that we still care.
49) Jeff Burdine, Dallas, Georgia
50  Marge Burdine, Dallas, Georgia
51) Nancy Faith    Homestead, FL
Keep this great program up and running!!!!!      
52) Iliana Valdes, Miami, FL
53) Thurmond Capps Homestead, FL.
Let's not abandon our veteran's !!!
54) Tom McDonald, Tavernier, FL
55) Nancy Deckard  Bloomington, In
56) Mark McDonnell, Topeks, Kansas
I am a U.S Marine vet with combat service in Desert Storm and Somalia.  
You have my support.
57) Linda Morrison Dover ,Ark,
58) Joyce Loftis, Bentonville, Arkansas
59) BERNIE  Keller, Glendale,Wisconsin
60) Elaine Keller, Glendale,Wisconsin
Please include us as supporters of the petition for help for our returning
61)  Jennifer Purnell, Salem, OR
62) Cynthia Barrera  Leisure City, FL
I ask my self this question "Where would America be without our
sacrificing veterans?"
63) Theresa Kelly  Garden City, NY
I totally support this program
64) James Trago   Ocala FL.34476
65) Susan Steel, 5117 Milky Way, Shelby Twp, MI 48316
I support the petition for additional funding for more Vet Centers and
outreach funding.
66) Joyce Wood Leisure City, FL
67) Charles Wood Leisure City, FL
Please support the Vet Center. After 35 years this place is the only place
that saved my sanity and my marriage. I wish that we had it when we
returned from Vietnam but thank God the soldiers have it today. Let's keep
it in place. Sign this petition and write to your elected officials for support
and give more funding for our soldiers. The Vet Centers have not been
given extra funding for Readjustments after returning from War.
68) Donnie Pitts, Homestead, FL
69) Rhonda Young-Tenn, Miami, FL
70) Geneva O'Brien, Clearwater, FL
71) Janice Fournier, Clearwater, FL
72) Lois Hayes, Winter Springs, FL
73)  Pam Pennington, Ironton, Ohio
I think the vets need everyone's help...They deserve lots...
74) Tina Churchill, Homestead Fl
75) Casey Rowe, Wakeman, Ohio
I support this 100%...being a Viet Nam Vet...I KNOW.....
76) Nancy Dement - Homestead, FL
My father was a wounded vet that got a purple heart. If this program were
in existence when my father came home from the war, it would have been
of great service to him. I have seen the results in other veterans!!!!!!!!!!!!
77) Faith Scripter,   Labelle, FL.
78) Marvin Scripter,  Labelle, FL.
79) Jim Scaife,   Barnegat,  NJ
I am a Viet Nam vet suffering with PTSD I know returning vets will need all
the help they can get.
80) Rebecca Weyandt    Napoleon, Ohio
81) Roberto Huesca    Napoleon, Ohio
82) Larry Schwable    Napoleon, Ohio
83) Carl Anderson    Wauseon, Ohio
84) Shirley Anderson    Wauseon, Ohio
85) Michael F. Cocucci    USCG  1979 thru 1985,
Verona   New Jeresy    07044
86) Dan Rosenthal, Iraq War Veterans Organization
National Legislative Director
Thanks. All of us at Iraq war veterans are war veterans.........we're a group
by veterans for veterans.
87) Robert Morvay
88) Loretta Morvay
89) Aaron Fisk, Anchorage, Alaska
I am a campaign veteran who served in Iraq.  I am proud to say this, but
also not sure if many understand what comes with that.  It's kind of a
package when you sit down to think about it.  PTSD is something that
comes with this kind of pride.  I am not ashamed of saying this, but rather I
am wanting to find that kind of help that can, in some way, help relieve me
of this.  I reviewed your website and I am very pleased.  Please add my
name to the petition.
90) Robert E. McNulty, Sr., Egg Harbor Township NJ 08234
91) Ron Breland, Monroe, Louisiana
This is something that my platoon and I seemed to have lived by in Iraq,
and it is as follows: In doing what we ought, We deserve no praise, For it is
our duty. Please feel free to post the aforementioned one wherever you
wish. I see it as a homage to my men. As their leader, I could not have
succeeded without their efforts and sacrifices. When we left the U.S., they
were like my children, and now they're my brothers. I owe them that much.
92)  ldora Engebretson, Woman Army Corps Veterans Assoc.
I have checked with our Executive Board and they would like to have me
add a link to your site.  We would also appreciate having you add a link to
ours. Thank you, Eldora Engebretson, WACVA Website,
93) Jenna Edwards, Miss Florida 2004, Miami, FL
94) Julie Sheren, Alanson, MI 49706
95) Gary Cannon, 2661 Central Ave. Big Pine Key, Fl. 33043
96)  Harold Rhinehart, Las Vegas, Nv. 89156.
I agree with the petition & would like to add my name & support. My name is
Harold Rhinehart & I am a Vietnam Vet. Thank you for caring for our Vets,
both past, present, & future...
97)Robert E. Pickard, M.D., President Florida Gulf Stream Chapter
Association of US Army ( AUSA ) , 6280 Sunset Drive #405
South Miami, FL 33143, 305-661-9100
I want to add my vote to your petition re PTSD in returning vets.
98) Bruce McManus, President, Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter
121 Commander, Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 12, Vice
Commander, American Legion, Post 98, Life Member, Jewish War
99)Marcy Genest, Woodbridge, VA
Our men and women in our Armed
Services and Reserves need our
help; need YOUR help! They been
through Hell and many are coming
home with excruciating memories
and fears, to a system that has
not, is not and will not be able to
care for them, without change.
Many of those fortunate to
survive the war, are losing the
battle for their lives.
The Vet Center program is a
proven VA program that works!!!  
But they are too small to be able
to give all the help these brave
men and women need. This is
what the Vet Centers need:

1) More outreach people. People
who can go to the veteran when
they come home! Who are trained
to recognize PTSD can attend the
Drill weekends and homecoming
events (if any) and talk to these
men and women, one on one.
People to talk to the families, who
are frequently first to recognize
problems with their loved one’s.
People who can help the Veteran
get the help they need, one
Veteran at a time if necessary!

2) More counselors that can
actually do the counseling and
provide the help necessary to
stop the progression and provide
RECOVERY! It IS possible, if
caught early enough! Also, family
counselors, and Vet Center
counselors to cover VA
community medical clinics for all
combat vets.

3) More and better staffed Vet
Centers and Vet Center
“Outstations” with outreach
people and counselors. This
should include outstations near,
but not on, all major military bases
and clusters of activated Reserve
units. And more Vet Center
counselors to cover VA
community medical clinics and
help all combat vets. This will
allow many returning combat vets
to get help confidentially, and
again, save lives.

4) The Vet Center program should
be given the most credible voice
in the VA regarding the needs of
these new veterans. All
Resources necessary to fulfill
these needs must be given to the
Vet Centers, or reassigned if
necessary from other VA sources.
This list of needs can only be met
with additional funding! The ONLY
funding they have received
allowed them fifty new positions
for outreach, less than one per
state! This is but a drop in the
bucket! They need more, and the
ability to spend it where it is
needed the most. The VA system
has the Vet Centers as the
proven source of helping
veterans with PTSD!! More Vet
Centers are needed to save their

It is THAT important!  FUND THEM!!

Click here
to see response  
from  Ileana
June 18th update:
Someone IS listening!!

Currently there is a Bill before
Congress to further fund the Vet
Center Program!!!!
(tag here to
see Bill S.716is) and we need to
get this bill passed as quickly as
possible! Currently the estimates
of how many of our Veterans
coming home are effected with
PTSD have been revised from 16%
to 30%! There is no time to loose!

Now there is a second way to help
Save Our Veterans!! In addition to
sighing this petition, I am hoping
that you will take another minute
of your time to e-mail your
Congressman!! It is VERY simple!!

Just  click the following link to the
"" website! Enter
your zip code in the
"Take Action
box and hit GO. Toggle the
Compose Your Own Letter" and
take the next step! Then send
them an e-mail and ask them to
support his Act! Please don't
delay! Do it now!!!
Thank you!!! Jonelle
Feel free to copy and paste the following
Sample E-Mail:
I am one of your constituents and
I am very concerned that current
estimates say that 30% of our
Veterans returning from War in
Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering
from PTSD. The Vet Center
program is the most effective
program available to get them the
help they need to relieve them
from the horrible suffering that
PTSD causes. I implore you to
support this program by
supporting Bill #716! Only in this
way can the Vet Center Program
get the funding they need to
expand the program to care for
these brave men and women!
Please vote for and help to pass
Bill # S.716!!!  Thank you!
Click here
to send an e-mail to your
Senator, your Representative
The President ,and to sign the
Please include your name, hometown,
state and zip and  we will do the rest!
Thank you!
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Thank you!